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Don't Take Unnecessary Risks

There are many new businesses popping up in the body art industry. We want you to be able to spot a clean, safe environment.

Avoid Cheap, Low-quality Body Jewelry

Getting pierced with cheap body jewelry like this manufactured overseas can result in infection, allergic reaction, irritation, excessive scar damage, and other complications. We believe in educating every individual to ensure they are receiving the safest, most aseptic piercing procedure possible.

Look Out for the Right Materials

All piercings should be done with body jewelry that is threaded on the inside of the post. Externally threaded jewelry has exposed threads that will tear the tissue on the way into or out of the piercing.

All body jewelry should be made of 316LVM ASTM F-138 surgical stainless steel. Though there are 100 grades of surgical steel, this is the only grade that is appropriate for implantation in the body.

Many studios today use one of the other 99 grades, which contain high amounts of nickel and carbon (irritants/allergans), because it is far less expensive to purchase and they can charge low prices.

TiAL6V4 Titanium and 14k or 18k solid gold are also appropriate metals to insert. Again, beware other lower grades of Titanium and gold.

Ask for the Right Certification

Piercers should be members of the Association of Professional Piercers. It is very important for your health and safety that a studio follows APP guidelines and practices and has up-to-date certificates in their workspace.

Studios that are up-to-date members of the APP must meet or exceed strictly regimented health and safety criteria, as well as only use a certain quality of body jewelry.

Bloodborne Pathogens Training, as well as First Aid and CPR classes every year are also requirements. Make sure your piercer is a member and shows you documented proof.

We Are APP Certified

As members of the APP (Association of Professional Piercers), we hold ourselves to the highest of expectations.  Safety should be your first priority, and the APP is the only true measure of a knowledgeable, experienced and properly run establishment.

Check for Sterilizing Equipment

An autoclave is a piece of equipment used to sterilize implements (single-use needles, jewelry, etc) and is the same as the ones used in any hospital or surgical center. It utilizes a combination of steam and pressure in an airtight chamber to sterilize these implements.

A studio must have a working autoclave, don’t be afraid to ask to see it, and should have it spore-tested monthly to make sure that it is performing properly.

We Want You to be Safe

Our job as professionals, and as individuals who are passionate about safe body art, is not finished when you walk out the door. We want to insure that the healing of your new piercing goes smoothly. We will provide you with written and verbal care instructions, and you will have continuing access to us, any time you need anything, so do not hesitate to call or stop by. Check-ups are always free.

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